Does Your Body Need to be Cleansed?

Things you may want to think about to determine whether you may benefit from a full-body cleanse at a cellular level.

1. Do you have problems sleeping, concentrating or remembering things?

2. Do you feel fatigued, lethargic or tired during the day?

3. Do you have poor digestion, frequent gas or bloating?

4. Do you have a protruding belly, excess weight or difficulties with your bowels?

5. Do you have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight?

6. Do you have foul-smelling gas or pale, greasy stool that floats?

7. Do you have recurring rash skin conditions?

8. Do you have poor circulation, irritability or recurring headaches?

9. Do you have poor skin tone, itchy skin or dark circles/bags under the eyes?

10. Do you have food intolerances or allergies?

11. Do you have chronic health concerns?

12. Do you come into contact with chemical fumes, smoke, auto/machinery exhaust, perfumes or other strong scents?

13. Do you eat food that has been treated with chemicals?

14. Do you realize that even organic food has been touched by impurities that come from the rain and air?

15. Do you take daily any prescription medications, antacids, or over-the-counter medications?

In our modern 21st-century lifestyle, we have the misfortune of being exposed to many impurities on a daily basis through our environment, from overexposure to toxic chemicals in our homes and at our work, and even in the pharmaceutical drugs we take, the foods we eat, electronics, cosmetics, many synthetic fabrics, in new carpeting, and in our new vehicles. There is no way to avoid them.

Nutritional Cleansing and Replenishing allows the body to rid itself of the buildup of impurities, while replenishing with abundant, optimal nutrition. It allows the body to live healthier, longer.

If you want to know how your body would benefit from a deep, cellular cleanse, please contact me. Your body will thank you!

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