Knowing “the how” is not as important as knowing “the why”

I was reminded this morning by a very good friend that I do not need to know how things will happen … I need only believe they will, in God’s timing. I wrote about this briefly in yesterday’s gratitude post, and below is the story I love to share about why I am so confident in not having to know “the how.”
I believe so strongly that I don’t need to know “the how.” I need only know “the why.” God so kindly proved this to me … I love telling this story:
In 2004, when our daughter, Laura, who lives with multiple disabilities, moved into the new apartment my husband, Dennis, and I built above our garage, we set a date for her to move out … I didn’t want her to think she would be living here forever!! We set the date as July 14, 2009, her 25th birthday.
Laura had a LOT to learn about being independent before moving out. Supporters came and went; life had its ups and downs; and, I could never imagine how it would be possible for Laura to move out. Where would she go? How would we support her at another address? Would she be safe?
Leading up to her 25th birthday, there was absolutely no sign that she would be moving … until one day, I received a phone call from some woman – I don’t even know who she was. She asked if Laura still wanted to move into her own apartment? Yes! There was an apartment available; does she want it? Yes!
Turns out that in 1988, when Laura was four years old, I put her on a list for accessible, affordable housing. I don’t even remember doing that! God had His hand on this all those years ago! Her name came up that day, around the first of June 2009.
The woman on the other end of the line told us that Laura could move in to the apartment July 1. Not July 14, but pretty close, right? Well, we went to pick up the key to the apartment June 30. We were informed that there was a delay .. work was still being done on the apartment. She would have to wait.
When will the apartment be ready? July 14!
Laura moved in to her apartment on July 14, 2009. 🙂  I could never have sorted out the details for this to happen … only God could do such a thing! I praise God and give Him all the glory for how all of this fell in to place for Laura. :)) She has been living independently for over three years now.
Doing Laundry (Reid Street)

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  1. Laurie says:

    This story will never get old! Keep believing 🙂

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