Some “foods” trigger “behaviour” issues

I have some pretty interesting memories from years ago, B.C. (Before Change), when I could rarely say that life was joy-filled.

I remember the naturopath saying, “Linda, if you want to see dramatic change in your life, you will have to cut certain things out of your diet, and out of the diet of your children.”

The list of things he wanted me to cut out seemed endless, and I could not imagine making such changes. My daughter had such a limited repertoire of foods she would eat! And it had taken years to get her to the point of tolerating the foods she would eat. Autism will do that to a person.

However, now, years later, the demand is increasing for foods that are clean and devoid of so many ingredients that cause “behaviour” issues (please allow me to discuss “behaviour” later), and this means I can much more easily eat the foods my body needs.

What I can say is that now, A.C. (after change), life is much better. Because of a few changes in the grocery basket, plus nutritional cleansing and replenishing, I’ve never been healthier, and our daughter is able to communicate clearly and make sound decisions, and is living independently! Never would have thought that possible!!

You may

misbehaving child

want to read this interesting article that outlines the “foods” that were the worst culprits for us.

Now, about the word “behaviour” … I think this word has a very negative connotation that works against people who live with special needs especially. Every “behaviour” is a person’s attempt at communication. I choose to refer to what others may call “behaviour” as non-verbal communication. When I give my daughter something to eat that has gluten in it, I can expect that her body is going to start communicating to me that this was not a good thing for me to have done! Look for what came before the “behaviour” and you’ll likely be able to figure out what the person is trying to communicate … it’s often that their body is trying to deal with an attack of some sort.

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