Natural treatment for macular degeneration?

Last week, I felt privileged to have attended the funeral mass of my Aunt Marg. She was in her 93rd year, and had been living independently, in her own home, until she became ill with pneumonia, which ultimately claimed her life.

Afterward, I took some time to think about her life, and about what made it possible for her be so healthy for so long. She rarely saw a doctor, and was proud to tell me she was rarely ill.

What struck me is that many elderly people I know are living with health issues that seem to be getting worse with medical intervention.

I have to believe that widespread use of pharmaceutical intervention, the lack of abundant nutrition in our diet, plus toxicity are having a negative impact on people’s health.

Today, I read about the impact saffron is having in clinical studies with patients with macular degeneration. Someone very dear to me was recently devastated to learn that she has this disorder. Having seen my uncle’s latter years deeply impacted by blindness due to macular degeneration, I share the concern about what the future holds.


Could it seriously be that saffron could change the prognosis? How might such a simple thing change the health of some in our community? It’s got me wondering.

This article may interest you.


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