Another reason to avoid dairy?

About four years ago, I stopped drinking cow’s milk and eating cheese and yogurt made with cow’s milk, and I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my health. I did not know then about the pus that is in milk, nor about the chemicals that must surely be present when a cow is milked all year long. download

I began to drink soy milk, then discovered that this was likely contributing to health issues, as most soy is GMO.

Then, I began drinking rice milk, but was disappointed in the amount of sugar present.

Now, I drink unsweetened almond milk, and I enjoy it very much!

Yesterday, I visited a friend who offered me cream for my coffee. Without thinking, I put a spot of cream in my coffee. I suffered for the rest of the day!

Now, it seems I may have another reason to avoid dairy. What are people thinking? How can anyone possibly believe that adding aspartame or sucralose to milk will be good for children. Seriously? Seriously!!??

I am happy to be kept apprised of upcoming changes … so that I can avoid the things that should never enter my body.

What can we do as a community to ensure that the milk children do drink is not tainted with poisons such as aspartame?

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