When is a fish not really a fish?

GMO Fishy Business

When I go grocery shopping, and fish is on my list of things to buy, I look for fish clearly marked “wild.” I will not knowingly put farmed fish, or genetically modified fish, into my refrigerator or into my body.

I get discouraged when I hear that genetically engineered (GE) fish may soon be showing up on the tables of families who are trying very hard to make good, healthy decisions about the food they eat … without their even knowing it!

I am anxious to ensure the meals I plan for my family are nutritious, and as close to fresh and whole as possible. It often seems that there are many people contriving to thwart my attempts.

I found this article, about two of the latest GE-related heath threats, informative, yet disturbing. Although the article speaks to what is happening in the United States, I know that whatever is affecting Americans will also affect us here in Canada.

For me, information is power. The more information I have, the better decisions I can make about the nutrition that goes into my body, and the better I can inform local food suppliers about my desire for clean, healthy food.

I am grateful that I have found at least one dependable source of amazing nutrition … non-GMO, non-GE, live, natural, with as many organic ingredients as possible … and deemed to be produced at a standard higher than “certified organic.” I bless my body daily as I consume these products, and the improvement in my health is my testimonial.


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