Do all fats make me fat?

Well, I’ve lived almost my entire life believing something that is completely false, and I am determined to put this lie behind me forever.

I was told, by health care professionals, books, nutritionists and dietitians, and even family members that fat … any fat … was bad for me, and that eating fat was one of the causes of the weight gain with which I’ve struggled for decades.

What I realize now is that I knew far more than all of these people all along … and I should have listened to my body. It was telling me that it needed certain fats. Certain fats helped me to feel happier and more satiated, and gave me a spring in my step. But, no! I should not eat fat.

Instead, years ago, BC (before clarity), I switched to foods labelled “low fat,” or “no fat.” I thought I was doing my body good, and I wondered why I felt so miserable.

Now, years later, I am listening to my body, and the growing body of evidence that agrees with my body. Those “certain fats” are indeed good for me, and I try to incorporate them regularly into my very healthy lifestyle.

So, along with other healthy food choices, exercise and nutritional cleansing, I add the following fat sources to my diet: coconut oil, nuts and seeds, avocados, olive oil and flax seed oil.

I very much enjoyed this interesting article coconut-oilthat explains why my body enjoys these “certain fats.”

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