Balance is Power

Balance, to me, is having the strength to stand up straight, and to effortlessly endure the weight of challenge. What is balance to you?

Definition –

Balance: mental and emotional steadiness (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

So, today, I’m driving away from my neighbourhood store, with my many organic foods packed neatly in my reusable cotton bags, when the word “balance” comes unsolicited to mind.

I am seeking balance in my life.

I am shopping as close to home as possible, so I don’t have to use a lot of gasoline.

I am buying local and organic.

I am cutting back, reusing and recycling.

I am taking time for me … time to pray and meditate and journal.

But what rushes to mind is not these efforts, but that there seems to be little balance in my relationship with our son and daughter.

There are days when I will communicate with our daughter up to 20 times. With our son, months may pass without hearing from him. If I want to speak to him, I must reach out to him. If he reaches out to me, it’s likely because he wants or needs something.

I am seeking balance in my life.

I yearn to have a strong, healthy relationship with both of our children, beginning with regular, heartfelt, soul-building conversations that leave everyone feeling understood, valued and loved.

When I know what I want, and when I can see it clearly as a goal, and when I take even small steps daily towards the goal, I consider it done. It is already reality. Oh, joy!

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