#BellLetsTalk … let’s talk about it!

Well, yesterday was #BellLetsTalk day … and I feel free to write about something that is near and dear to my heart …. mental health. We should not feel confined to only one day per year, and so much has improved as far as the stigma of mental health issues is concerned, but …. I feel freer to write today, knowing that so many others are sharing their truths. (And thank you all for sharingNo automatic alt text available.!  )

I’m exhausted this evening. Wednesdays are meal planning and shopping days with our daughter. Although we very much enjoy our weekly activity, I think we both are very happy when our time together comes to a close, at the end of the day. You see, she lives with severe anxiety. And the level of her anxiety colours each and every day, not just Wednesdays.

We are just so blessed by the support our daughter receives from her supporter, who is a master at walking and talking through our daughter’s anxiety. In my “old” age, I confess, I am becoming less able to manage. Any change in schedule, any change in weather, any upset, any confusion, when the food she wants runs out, when she’s offered food that she doesn’t want, when the grocery store doesn’t have organic grapes, when the wheel on her walker rubs, when the zipper on her coat catches, when there’s even a hint of ice, when the accessible van is late, when there’s change at work … these are just some of the things that escalate anxiety.

And, things are just sooooo much better than they used to be! Truly!! At age 32, she is MUCH more able to cope … the space between anxiety spikes is longer, and the length of time that anxiety is spiked is shorter. She has found tools, and she has learned skills that help her to cope. Today, I discovered that she is out of Ionix Supreme …. THE #1 thing that helps to keep the anxiety at bay. #2 (e+ Energy Shots) is also out of stock in her food cupboard!!! Oh, my goodness!!! No much wonder today was such a day! I’ll hope to have her cupboard stocked by Friday!!! Bank on it!!! #adaptogens

I guess the message that I’d like to convey is this: people with mental health issues are often the people we love the most! I love our daughter unconditionally …. she has taught me how to do that. But, are we not called to love all others? Even those with mental health issues? Our daughter, with all of her anxiety, has taught me how to love others unconditionally. And what a gift that is!!

Yes, the thought of a day (perhaps even days … I can’t even imagine!!!) with no anxiety issues appeals to me greatly. *sigh* But, anxiety is just part of who our daughter is. And she’s pretty darned amazing. And I wouldn’t be who I am today without her and the lessons I’ve learned from her. So …. could it be that I am grateful for mental health issues?! Now, THAT’s one to ponder. #LetsTalk

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