Pharma not in business of health, healing, cures, wellness

Pharma not in business of health, healing, cures, wellness

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Please take a few minutes to listen to this message with an open mind.

I remember a colleague once saying, “No one who is taking Paxil is suffering from a lack of Paxil in the body.” This really got me thinking!

I think of all the years when I was taking a cocktail of medications in response to the symptoms my body was experiencing. I am so grateful for the naturopath who weaned me off of all those medications! That was in 2005 … I have not taken any medication since … despite having been told that, because of the diagnoses I have been given, I could not possible live without medication.

Because of the nutrition program I am on, and my choice of lifestyle, I am healthier now than I’ve been in over 25 years! Without medications!

This message is definitely worth listening to.

Looking for a way to live healthier longer, with fewer medications? Why not consider nutritional cleansing lifestyle. Contact me for details about how easy and affordable it is … and for testimonials about well it works! Guaranteed!

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